First construction was started in two locations:  Project Georgia 100-1, 50 units, named the Ora Lee West Homes and Project Georgia 100-2, 100 units, named the Hudson Dockett Homes.  The architects selected were Davis, Addy, Greer, Thomson and Bright and the construction contract was awarded to the J, N. Bray Company for $1,087,793-00- Projects #1 and #2 were completed August 31, 1952.

Projects Georgia 100-3, 80 units, at Ora Lee West and GA. 100-4, 170 units, at Hudson Dockett were created by the same architectural firm of Davis, Addy, Greer, Thomson and Bright.  The general contractor was A. B. Newton & Company engineers at both locations were Patchen & Zimmerman.  GA 100-3 was finished on March 31, 1953 and GA 100-4 was completed May 31, 1953.

Project Georgia 100-5, 26 units, was located in the Remerton area, on streets West Gordon and Hutto- The construction contract was awarded to Crawford Construction Company for $171,900-00 and was completed on July 31, 1953.  These duplexes are called the Lloyd Greer Homes.

After an urban renewal program (GA. R-17) of demolition was completed. Project Georgia 100-6, the Cranford Homes, were built- These consisted of 70 duplexes located at scattered sites over the city of Valdosta.  The firm of Bright, Davis & Blackburn, Architects, were selected by the Board and the construction contractor was Mann & Massee. Construction and renting took place in the early 1960’s and helped to fill a need for reasonable housing in the area.




Fifty homes, built under the government 235 program were acquired from the City of Valdosta in 1976.  The architect was R. R. McCall and Mid-South Contractors Inc. were awarded the construction contract.  Renovation work was completed and closed June 30, 1978 on these single unit homes located at scattered sites in the Hallmark Heights and Westgate sub-divisions.

Since this time, units have not been added but are constantly being modernized and improved-  HUD funds provided a Comprehensive Improvement Assistance Program for modernization work to completely renovate Projects GA. 100-2,3 & 4 in the 1980’s and early 1990’s.   McCall & Gregory and IPG provided architectural assistance with construction being done by Amos Construction Company, Shalimar Construction Company and American Owens Inc.

In 2000 the C.I.A.P. (Comprehensive Improvement Assistance Program) was changed by HUD to the Capital Fund Program to be on-going each year. These grants are being completed by I.P.G. as architects and American Owens as general contractors.

Other programs have been and are being executed during this time of physical renovation* HOPE I. has provided needed equipment for the Community Centers and educational and social activities for the residents. Public Housing Drug Elimination Program (GA06DEP100092 & 100094) provides Police and Drug Task Force involvement and protection in day-by-day activities. P.H.D.E.P. (Public Housing Drug Elimination Program) – and C.G.P. (Comprehensive Grant Program Programs) seem to be an established part of the Housing Authority provision to help to create decent, safe and sanitary housing for our residents as they prepare themselves to be responsible citizens of our country.