The VHA’s primary role is providing decent, safe and affordable housing for individuals who qualify according to established admissions criteria.

The Housing Authority manages four AMPS, or groups of properties, within the City limits of Valdosta, and one located in the City of Homerville.

Pre-applications for housing may be downloaded: APPLICATION FOR HOUSING. Applications may also be picked up in person at one of our office locations, 610 East Ann St, or 807 S. Fry St, Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Please note that your application will not be deemed “Completed for processing”, until all required documentation is returned and processed accordingly.

Completed applications are filed onto the waiting list as they are received, in their entirety. Waiting list times vary according to the length of applicants, amount of unit turnover, and unit availability.

The Housing Authority strongly encourages applicants to keep their applications updated, in the event of any address or telephone changes. Offers for housing are made sporadically, and applicants have a window of opportunity to respond to an offer, before Policy dictates that the offer is rescinded and made to the next applicant.

When an appointment is made for intake, it is critical that the applicant bring the required documentation. Picture identification, social security cards, birth certificates, proof of income or letters of financial support from Agencies or individuals are all required documentation. At the application time, applicants will be required to sign an authorization to release information and also allow the Authority to conduct a background check and/or credit check.