Our professional staff from diverse educational backgrounds and cultures and are, therefore, able to relate to your goals and aspirations for living —more importantly, they are dedicated to helping through assisting you with you living accommodations.

Mark Stalvey- Executive Director (233x350)

Mark Stalvey – Executive Director

Elaine Barnes- Lead Housing Manager (233x350)

Elaine Barnes – Lead Housing Manager

Sharon fair- Housing Manager (233x350)

Sharon Fair – Housing Manager

Lynn Hulett- Homerville Housing Manager (233x350)

Lynn Hulett – Homerville Housing Manager

Stacy rudd- Administrative Assistant (233x350)

Stacy Rudd – Administrative Assistant

dorothy phillips- Occupancy specialist (233x350)

Dorothy Phillips – Occupancy Specialist

Hill Judge Jackson Jr- Maintenance Superintendent (233x350)

Hill Judge Jackson Jr – Maintenance Superintendent

Charles Cooper- Work Control Coordinator (233x350)

Charles Cooper – Work Control Coordinator

Irvin Davis- Lead Groundsman (233x350)

Irvin Davis – Lead Groundsman

Mark Belcher- UPCS Maintenance Mechanic (233x350)

Mark Belcher – UPCS Maintenance Mechanic

Alan Hodge- HVAC Maintenance Technician (233x350)

Mark Belcher – UPCS Maintenance Mechanic

Alan Johnston- Homerville Maintenance Maehanic (233x350)

Alan Johnston – Homerville Maintenance Mechanic

Daniel Lopez- Maintenance Mechanic (233x350)

Daniel Lopez – Maintenance Mechanic

Leon Oviedo- Groundsman (233x350)

Leon Oviedo – Groundsman

Willie Booker- Housekeeping (233x350)

Willie Booker – Housekeeping